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constant anxiety

"Both vegans and non-vegans live in state of disconnect. Non-vegans disconnect from that fact that billions of nonhuman animals are enslaved, tortured, confined and violently murdered for their pleasure, preferences and entertainment. Vegans live in a state of disconnect so that our hearts don’t shatter into a million pieces moment by moment due to the fact that billions of nonhumans are being exploited and the people we love continue to participate. Vegans have to disconnect just to be able to get through the day."


A.L.F - rescuing the innocents.

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I’ve put off saying anything because I have a tendency to not follow through with basically anything ever but I’ve been on a healthy meal plan for the last week I’m doing very well and I’ve already lost 5kg. I know it’s not much but I am kinda proud n.n



If you are not vegan and you follow me, try this awesome great tip:
• go vegan



10,000 dogs were killed in American shelters today. For 10,000 others, this is their last night alive. Stop breeding, stop buying. Seriously. Just stop.

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Don’t come at me on tumblr with your supposed time sensitivity issues. You got enough time to scroll through tumblr, you got enough time to heat up some fucking veggies. Get the hell outta here.


I also like when people try and prove that certain practices within animal agriculture are crucial to the survival of animals like these animals didn’t survive for hundreds and thousands of years without human intervention.

Did you know that if you don’t take a calf away from their mothers STRAIGHT AWAY the mother cow will fucking trample all over the calf till they die because cows are fucking idiots and have no fucking maternal instincts WHATSOEVER. Sure it makes no evolutionary sense at fucking all for mothers to not have ANY IDEA how to care for their young but fuck it I heard a farmer say it once so it must be true.


My favourite part of posts where people try and defend farmers actions and try and spin their words in a way that makes it seems like they actually care about the well being of the animals is where they all conveniently leave out the fact that they kill those same animals for profit.

I wonder why they do that. hmmmmmmmmmmm

I mean nothing warms my heart more than the loving care of farrowing crates!  Did you know they do that because apparently the sows will roll on their young and kill them! And obviously farmers really care about the well being of their little piggies! Can’t have them killed so young and small, they need to grow big and fat, then they kill them! They care so much about the animals pbthbhthbhbttpbhtptbhtpbhtp



Meat and dairy industries are fundamentally based on disregarding the bodily autonomy of other living beings and there is no way of reforming that.




Vegan: Provides source upon source upon source that shows that animals within animal agribusiness are routinely abused.
random tumblr user: yeaH????well i drove past a farm ONCE aNd I SAW A COW in a open field EXPLAIN THAT you  stupid VEGANS
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So anyone who isn’t vegan is a blabbering idiot who can’t make a coherent argument and screams like a child? 



Vegan: Provides source upon source upon source that shows that animals within animal agribusiness are routinely abused.
random tumblr user: yeaH????well i drove past a farm ONCE aNd I SAW A COW in a open field EXPLAIN THAT you  stupid VEGANS
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Vegans are made a mockery of constantly both in media and every day situations and meat eaters will have a good chuckle at it all but the second a vegan makes a joke about meat eaters suddenly its like “see this shit here this is why no one likes vegans”

You’re all a bunch of whiney babies.







The best way to get over your cheese addiction, is to watch a mother cow scream for days as her newborn child is ripped away from her; so that you can have her milk.




Hi there, I’ve worked on a dairy farm. Lemme just correct you.

1. Uhm the cows don’t scream for days, maybe like for an hour at the most but they get over it as soon as you feed them. Seriously. Baby, forgotten.

2. The calves still receive their mother’s milk. In fact, they receive MORE milk than they’d normally be getting, since farmers have figured out the exact amount of colostrum a calf needs to grow up healthy, and they can give this to the baby, whereas with natural feeding the calves often get too little.

3. They receive colostrum from the healthiest cows to insure that their immune system is bolstered enough. Infections and disease are INCREDIBLY common in dairy cows allowed to suckle. Farms even freeze colostrum from the healthiest mothers, just to insure that all calves will be able to have a sufficient quality of healthy, infection-free mother’s milk.

4. The calves are also removed from their mothers due to the high calf mortality rate when left with their mothers. Cows, ESPECIALLY first-time mothers, have the tendency to not care properly for their babies. We’ve had calves with broken legs because their mother stepped on them after birthing (and yes, they have adequate space, they’re just clumsy animals) A lot of new mothers will abandon the calf, or not care for it properly, or not allow it to nurse. Other cows may push around the calves. It’s much safer and healthier for both mother AND child if the calves are removed and placed in a safer area.

5. Calves get EXCELLENT care. They are bottle-fed mother’s milk, placed in roomy, well-bedded box stalls, blanketed, cleaned, vetted. The farm kind of obviously needs them as healthy as possible?

6. Most farms nowadays don’t even completely “take them away”. The farm I worked on would allow the cows to run with their calves for most of the time. They were fed separately for the health reasons listed above, and the cows would be brought in to be milked twice a day, and separated at night so no accidental nighttime injuries happened in the box stalls. They are weaned very gradually, and spend most of the time with their mothers, contrary to what PETA would have you believe.


It’s really embarassing when people believe that because they’ve seen *one or two* farms, they automatically know how every operation works and every single factory farm or large-scale (or even local) dairy runs.

Cows have been known to scream at all hours of the day and night. This is not propaganda, this is a common occurance that has even made the news.

Calves are often removed shortly after birth. While this may be argued that it prevents the mother and calf from being as stressed as they would be if removed later, it does not guarantee he will be fed his milk, even if lucky enough to receive the vital colostrum. It is laughable that you think an industry working to generate a profit would give MORE milk to an unwanted (if male) calf who as of yet (if female) is not making the business any money. Again, giving calves colostrum ensures they have a better chance of survival in what is likely to be a stressful and insanitary environment. It does not necessarily mean they will continue to be fed milk when cheaper alternatives exist. Your bullshit about calves not receiving enough milk from their own mothers is unfounded and illogical, and not worth addressing.

Calves when turned out into large enclosures do just fine raising their young. Explain how calves born and raised in sanctuaries in spacious, well-bedded and quiet enclosures do absolutely fine, even with their first-time mothers.

It’s not difficult to imagine why such large, stressed animals would injure their young when you consider the conditions they usually give birth in…



Gee, you really believe every farm treats calves like yours did? Especially those who supply dairy products to large corporations, such as Burger King, DiGiorno Pizza and Costco? For someone who claims to know everything about the industry, you sure are ignorant and close-minded.

Wow, the farm you worked on sure sounds great doesn’t it? Well, unless the farm you worked on supplies dairy to every single outlet and fast food chain in America or wherever you’re from, that counts for shit. You cannot base your single fucking experience and say that the overwhelming evidence of abusive conditions in the dairy industry is ‘fake’ or ‘overexaggerated’. 

You have not listed a single source except for this ‘farm’ you worked on. I suggest if you want to start accusing people of not listing all the facts, you’d best take your head out your arse for more than a few minutes and realise the entire world doesn’t revolve around your one happy little experience of sunshine and ‘happy cows’. 

Not to mention no matter how well the calves are taken care of male calves are turned into veal or sold to become beef steers, female calves will become dairy cows themselves. There’s nothing good or ethical about this whole process.

Yep, and dairy cows live a life of constant pregnancy, lactation until they are killed a little over 10 years too young