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Get mad, stay mad. They/them pronouns.

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Viral posts on Facebook are fun aren’t they. I just saw a post about an openly gay 7 year old boy and the comments were super cool. “when I was 7 I thought I was a power ranger, I can guarantee he doesn’t know what he is” yep, he is far too young to understand what sexuality is so he is obviously straight. That statement isn’t ironic at all. ” umm what the fuck why is a 7 year old thinking about sex???? He should be playing with legos not thinking about ass fucking” what…. the kid is attracted to other boys it has nothing to do with having sex and the fact you jump right to thinking that is extremely alarming. “how dare these parents let this boy think about sexuality so young” AKA “how dare these parents let their son believe he is anything other than straight. How dare they let him openly experience and explore attraction”.

God I’m surrounded by fucking morons.

Anonymous asked: For your wonderful acts of shoving your beliefs, we here at anonymous present you with this! The title of Biggest Douche of the Universe! Congratulations!

"We here at anonymous" pfffftttt hahahahahahha. Go back to 9gag you fucking dweeb.


Look at these two cuties! n.n

Anonymous asked: I reckon you're way ahead of your time, and one day, everyone will realise.



Thank you for all of your support last night/ this morning. It has been a while since a hateful message someone has sent me has actually upset me and your response and support helped me so much.

Thank you for all your kind messages <3


After more than 2 years with the same shitty theme I finally found a new one that I was happy with and changed it! I bought back the ADAPTT kill counter and I also added links to my facebook and instagram too.

Much better n.n

eufedoric asked: I'm sorry I said all of those bad things to/about you. I was angry over an event that happened in school and I didn't care, at that moment, what others thought. After calming down, I would like you to know that I'm sorry, and I didn't need to cause you any trouble. I hope we, if at all see each other again, would start a new page.

Go fuck yourself dickhead.

It doesn’t matter what fucking happened to you at school.  Your entire extended family and all of your friends (not that I could envision you actually having any) could have just been killed in a horrific plane crash and it still wouldn’t justify what you said to me.  ”Oh boohoo I had a bad day at school that’s why I was so mad!” What a fucking cop out.

You completely disrespected my wishes to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns and purposely used incorrect pronouns and you fucking threatened to rape me.

I told you that you had caused me dysphoria, triggered a panic attack and caused me to have flashbacks of my previous experiences with rape, after which I sarcastically said “thank you, good job”.  And how did you reply?


Apology not accepted you fucking piece of shit.

I hope you spontaneously combust.

eufedoric asked: They/them pronouns? Okay. Fuck you! I'll use he/him pronouns with you, because you can't fucking tell me otherwise. Go ahead, cunt, block me. Block me with the image of me devouring eggs, milk, meat, and all matter of the life you cherish. Your kind will die out soon, and then the *~ actual~* respectable vegetarians will survive. If you're gonna be a dick to anyone that eats meat, then fuck you, I'm going to shove it in your mouth until you beg me to anally fuck you until you die.

Wow…. like, normally the messages I get are mean but in a kind of way that they’re still funny but this is straight up spiteful and fucking scary… You’re not a very good person….. congrats you’ve caused me a bit of dysphoria, triggered me into a panic attack and made me have flashbacks of my experiences with sexual abuse. Good job. Thanks.


Animal Liberation by Bartosz Panas


Don’t test on animals! By Bartosz Panas

Anonymous asked: does your girlfriend get a bit jealous when you compliment other girls? not being judgmental i'm just wondering

If you asked me this question a few years ago you would have gotten a very different answer.

My partner and I both used to be EXTREMELY jealous people and it put so much unnecessary strain on our relationship time and time again. We have both grown so much as people over the last couple of years and the longer we have been together the more our trust issues have fallen by the wayside.

Giving other people compliments, hugging friends, even developing mild crushes on other people is completely harmless. We both know that we love each other and would never do anything to hurt each other. I can give as many people as many compliments as I want, Kady knows that it doesn’t mean I love her less.

Tbh this is the healthiest and most loving relationship I have ever been in and we 100% trust each other.

Anonymous asked: You're too fat to be a vegan. Most people who scream as loudly as you do, do it because they're hiding something. In your case, I'd say an addiction to cheese. Deny it, but I know you're lying.

I… can’t believe it…

I’ve just been put on


Suspect: vegan-because-fuck-you

Reason: Hella fat, probs sneakin cheese.


Let it go.

It is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach. You are gentle, you do not like to hurt, I know because I too have learned these feelings. But it is because you cherish life that you must protect it.

Please, drop your restraints.

Protect the life I loved.

You have the strength.


let it go…

Anonymous asked: i think you're super cool but i mean dude people are allowed to have their own opinions on how and what they eat. i respect you for being vegan please try to respect me/others for NOT being vegan
vegan-because-fuck-you said:

I need to take a megaphone to the closest mountain top so I can scream this from the skies, in hope that this argument finally dies.

Difference in opinion DOES NOT warrant mutual respect. 

Your opinion defends everything that I stand against. 

Your opinion encourages the continuance of an institutionalized oppression that has an annual body count of 150 billion strong.

Your opinion takes the lives of loving, feeling, thinking sentient beings and reduces them to fucking nothing. Then you strip them of their victimhood by insisting this is just about what you put in your mouth.

Your opinion silences the screams of suffering bellowed out by those affected by it. So confident that nothing you are doing is wrong that you have the audacity to come to me and try to silence my words on behalf of them?

If you want some reassurance that you are allowed to have your opinion then go bask in the glow of the billions of others that share it with you and the society that encourages it. Don’t invade the place I come to hide and demand respect. Because you sure as fuck aren’t going to get any reassurance or respect from me because there is absolutely fucking NOTHING about your opinion worthy of respect.



bored tonight, so i dressed up (down?).

AHhhhhh you are so pretty!!!! n.n