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Honestly I know my poetry is terrible and arguably isn’t even poetry because it has no real structure and it doesn’t rhyme and it’s just a bunch of dumb sentences with line breaks but I never claimed I was good or what ever I just try and make poetry to keep my mind distracted when I feel the strong urge to cut myself or kill myself.

Ughhh this is bumming me out more than it probably should.

Fuck you reddit

  1. natmoonchild said: Fuck Reddit… Stay strong.
  2. bluealum said: The thing to remember about making art is that it’s not about being good, it’s about being honest. And fuck anyone who would use someone’s vulnerabilities against them. I’m rooting for you.
  3. vmpolung said: poetry is what breaks the lines,so you are writing poems. and I personally enjoy reading them
  4. alcoooool said: oh but you’re beautiful
  5. aherdofangryhippies said: I made an account on that stupid website and reported them. Bullying is not okay.
  6. diamondbutthole said: I like your poetry- or at least what you’ve posted on tumblr. It doesn’t need structure or to rhyme. that’s dumb. It helps you, and that’s what it’s about. emotions. BESIDES, Reddit is nothing but a bunch of butt trolls.
  7. sabbitchy said: I’m sorry you feel this way. I find your poetry beautiful. You are an insipiring person and I’m grateful to you cause I don’t think I can in words tell you how much your blog has inspired and helped me through my vegan journey.
  8. spir-aling said: personal poetry is self expression. no one other than the artist/creator of the work has any right to judge it. the fact that they feel idiotically entitled to do so further proves how little their opinions matter. sorry people are dweebs.
  9. maiqilai said: Don’t go to reddit. Stay here, we love you
  10. roobahroo said: I like your poetry because of its lack of structure, its raw and honest! People will try and put you down because you make then realise there dicks… Vegan hate will never stop, youre a true inspiration to so many people, please cheer up.
  11. queerveganpunk said: <3