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They/them pronouns

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Anonymous: The guy with his arm chopped up is most likely an undocumented worker who is working for barely any money, without health insurance. You're a complete bastard fuck who should die if you think that's funny.

I honestly don’t give a shit who it was or where they were working. They could be an underpaid worker in some slaughter house or a hunter that kills dear and chops them up in his log cabin, it is irrelevant to me. A human hurting or killing themselves with tools that are used to kill and commodify non human animals is nothing but poetic justice.

So I’m supposed to love hunting accidents but feel bad for dipshits who get their arms chopped up by meat grinders. Pfffft. No compromise.

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  3. screaming4more said: i’d much rather starve and live in the streets than work in a slaughter house
  4. pleonasmus said: It’s not a matter of ‘feeling bad’ for the individual. It’s a matter of recognising that trying to take down one system of oppression/injustice/abuse IN ISOLATION FROM other systems makes no sense. Insular < intersectional.
  5. lemongrabxvx said: no insurance but got an x-ray?