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How do people like this even exist?!



So, I got into a disagreement tonight with some lady who claims that because I plan on doing topless bar work and want to be a stripper that apparently I not only have no self respect but this will give men an excuse to rape me and it is because of strippers that people then go and molest children to relieve the frustration caused to them by said strippers turning them on. GET FUCKED!

You do realise that by becoming a stripper or working in a topless bar you are objectifying the female body and giving the sex fueled males exactly what they want and going against all of your feminist values.


Unfollowing yet another vegan for being a fucking idiot.

Wow you guys are really showing your true colours this week aren’t you.

Future tip Josh, stick to animal rights, because it is quite apparent you know fuck all outside of that.

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    Now I agree with OP but I’m just gunna post this here so everyone can get a good laugh out of the tumblr left-wing.
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    ….. God damn people just make me want to punch them
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    Oh dear. It’s your body- do whatever the fuck you want with it.
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