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Shout out to all the vegans spending Christmas with non-vegans, and having to cope with seeing (and smelling) bodies being cooked and eaten.

Stay strong.

Shout out to all the families who have vegan family members who will undoubtedly scoff, frown, give you dirty looks, judge you, and try to change your way of life all over dinner.

Ive found that it usually goes the other way.

^ It ALWAYS goes the other way.

Yeah, this time of year we should all think about just how hard meat eaters have it. What, with all the societal pressure to go vegan, the constant ostracisation of upholding the same beliefs as 99% of the population, not being able to leave the house without being exposed to advertisements of seitan and tofu, having family, friends, doctors and everyone else telling you that your lifestyle is wrong and you need to eat more broccoli and carrots. And ontop of all that having to deal with the frequent abuse from vegans saying shit like “for every vegetable you don’t eat I’m going to eat 2” and ” lololol fuck vegetables Yummmmm tempeh Bacon”. GOD IT MUST BE SO HARD TO BE A MEAT EATER. Fuck dude… It must take an unimaginable level of arrogance to sit down and feast on the seared flesh of a once sentient being and still portray yourself the victim. Y’all funny as hell.
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